Good start of the year with three honorable mentions in the Monochrome Photography Awards. Categories Fine Art, Landscape and Abstract. All images were made in #Zeeland.

#photography #fineartphotography #minimalism

Very proud to announce that my series 'Mistery' has been awarded 1st place in the International ND Awards, Fine Art Landscape category. I’ve made this series in #ZeeuwsVlaanderen, Netherlands. Usually, fog conceals, but in this case the mist reveals the mysterious minimalist beauty of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the place where I live. Two other images of #Zeeland have received honorable mentions.

#Photography #NDawards #fineartphotography

Very glad with two honorable mentions and a nominee in the Black and White Spider Awards for photos of places that are very dear to me. One of the images I took from the 'Grote Kerk' in Dordrecht, the city where I grew up and lived for 41 years and the other two were taken in the countryside of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the region where I live now. Really nice that these photos have been awarded.

#Photography #fineartphotography #SpiderAwards