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House in the Snow, Groede, Zeeuws Vlaand

Fine Art Prints

Unique single edition artworks and limited editions

  • Museum quality single and limited edition fine art prints 

  • Of my award-winning work

  • On high end products; dibond, aluminium, glass...

  • Signed and with certificate of authenticity

  • Suitable for distinctive interiors and art collections

  • Delivered worldwide



PX3, honorable mention, Frank Peters.png
Minimalist Photography Awards, Frank Pet
2nd_place_monoawards_2019, Frank Peters,
Bronze, Fine Art Photography Awards, Fra
monovisions_awards_2020, Frank Peters, k
Pano Awards Bronze 2019 Frank Peters.png
TIFA Honorable Mention, Frank Peters.png
ND Awards Honorable Mention Frank Peters

Unique Single Edition &

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

The photos you'll find here I sell only once or in extremely limited editions. Award-winning images and photos made with great dedication. Exclusive photography that will be present in just a few interiors or even in no other art collection than yours.

Unique in the world of photography. I'm one of the handful photographers who sells his work so exclusively.

Exclusive Fine Art Photography

One of the advantages of photography is the possibility of unlimited production of prints, but this is also a downside. Where can you find unique artistic images with which you can distinguish your collection or interior?

The photos you'll find here represent the best moments of my travels. Many have been awarded in leading international photography competitions like the International Photography Awards (IPA, New York), Minimalist Photography Awards, Fine Art Photography Awards and more. I see them as unique artworks and sell them only once or in limited editions of maximum five copies. It allows you to invest in originality and the highest quality of photography and me to develop my art.

Reviews by Art Buyers

Fine art photography2, unique

Cees den Bakker & Joanneke van Benthem

Art Collectors

A photo as a unique work of art is a significant investment which required some reflection, but the beauty of the artwork convinced us to purchase it.


Especially the way in which the photo is made is very unique. The landscape is not lit by the sun but by the “star” in the photo, which is actually the moon. A night-time view. Frank Peters used a torch to illuminate the crucifix. This special lighting and a long exposure time gives the photo a realistic-surrealistic nature and as a result a spiritual character.


As art collectors it is important to us that artworks are one of a kind. In photography this is usually not the case but Frank Peters is one of the few photographers who sells his work as unique prints. The photo we purchased can only be found in our interior and this is something we are proud of.

Fine art print behind glass 3.jpg

Andries Lugten

Architect and Art Collector

​I saw this photo at an exhibition of Venice photography by Frank Peters and it was love at first sight. As an architect I have many ideas about how I want my work to evolve and in this photo I see the direction I want to go.

Old elements return in my new work. I don’t believe in complete new things but in new combinations. It is easy to see the inspiration behind many of the greatest architects. This photo is one of my key sources of inspiration and an enduring lesson in architecture as I see it every day.

Peters' choice of composition is very good. It is very much a vertical image with beautiful dark walls on the sides. As a result, all attention is directed to the facade in the background. This photo is characteristic of his photographic style which distinguishes itself through the balance of his compositions.

Fine art photography2,

Laurens Gooshouwer

Museum Director

​The exhibitions in our museum “Het Dordts Patriciërshuis” in Dordrecht, The Netherlands always consist of paintings and drawings, but we made an exception for Frank Peters’ photos of Venice, Italy. These were displayed as fine art prints behind glass.


The exposition opening was attended by Kitty Lameris, known from 'Tussen Kunst en Kitsch' a Dutch television art program (left on the photo). She was very impressed by the fine art prints. There was a lot of interest and the exhibition was well attended.


We purchased two of Peters' limited edition artworks (skylines of Venice at sunset and dusk) for our private collection and they are now prominently on display.

FP 5D_MG_6571 Ingrid en Sander op de Gra

Ingrid en Ger de Boer


​One of the photos in our living room shows the grand view from Gran Paradiso, made by Frank Peters when we were nearly at the top. This photo represents one of the highlights of our journey, which we experienced together with an enthusiastic group of people.

We hesitated briefly about the choice of material for our print but followed Peters' good advice to choose a print on tempered glass. We are very happy with the outcome. The colours and sharpness of the image are perfect. 

Frank’s passion for mountains is reflected in his photos. His eye for detail, colour and composition make his work outstanding. Sometimes we had to wait for him as he often stayed behind to take more photos. ”Who is missing?” became a running joke between the guides and the group, but it was very much worth the wait.

Buyers about fine art photography2.jpg

Hanneke van der Vliet

Credit Specialist ING Bank

​We found it very exciting to have Frank's photo printed so large. It is two meters high and therefore prominent in our living room, but we are very happy that we had the nerve to order it in such a format.

Frank Peters made this photo on our assignment. A 100% unique work, that you cannot buy in a store. If you look closely, you will see us depicted very small on a bike driving down the street. A nice detail is that we are in a small sunlit part of the photo and don't disappear into a shadow. It is only a small matter, but it says something about Frank's craftsmanship. It always causes a surprise effect, when discovered by people who come to visit us.

The photo fulfills very well the idea that we had beforehand. It took some effort to take the picture since we had to go out twice. The first time Frank himself was not so satisfied because the weather was too gloomy, but the second time it was excellent. It is nice that he really involved us in the process and we came to this great result in consultation. 

The photo is printed on brushed aluminum. This material gives a different effect at different times of day, making the image come alive. 

Photo Art, Victor DeConinck.jpg

Victor DeConinck

Media Coach/Art Collector

Frank Peters' oeuvre reveals his romantic nature. He is a person with many desires, who sometimes has difficulty dealing with the harsh reality of life. He photographs scenery, but in such a way that it becomes his own reality. The subject, however, maintains a connection with reality and thus he can escape the harshness without losing touch completely.


I often see that the effect of colour and technique are given more emphasis than the essence of the image. If you overemphasize the drama it can become melodramatic, but Frank Peters succeeds in achieving the exact opposite of this. His way of revealing the essence of a landscape or a special moment is truly impressive.


In viewing his photos you can experience the emptiness and expanse of a vista, the beauty of a skyline or the awe experienced during a special moment on one of his journeys.


I invited him to exhibit in my gallery. His artworks were sold and the reactions of art collectors and enthusiasts were full of praise.

Selection of Sold Works


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