Very glad with two honorable mentions and a nominee in the Black and White Spider Awards for photos of places that are very dear to me. One of the images I took from the 'Grote Kerk' in Dordrecht, the city where I grew up and lived for 41 years and the other two were taken in the countryside of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the region where I live now. Really nice that these photos have been awarded.

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Very pleased with two honorable mentions in the International Photography Awards, New York for minimalist images of Zeeland, Netherlands. The first one was made along the Oosterschelde, the other one from the Oesterdam.

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Very proud of the awarded images in the Minimalist and Monovisions Photography Awards. The series 'Visual Poetry' and 'Mistery' have received an honorable mention in landscape and long exposure category. The single image 'Lighthouse' received an honorable mention too in abstract category.


Visual Poetry


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