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Fine Art Photography

- A Personal Vision -

For the Dutch text: Fine Art Fotografie

Bathing jetty taken with a long exposure

Fine art photography is the creation of tranquil non existing moving moments. Images that tell more about the photographer than the beauty of the images reveals. As far as I can judge for myself, my work is mainly about the search for balance, perfection and the flee from reality. Three things that I also try to find in real life, but usually it works better in the photos.

B&W long exposure image of groynes at the coast of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

My dreamy, romantic and at the same time fairly neurotic and perfectionistic nature makes it necessary for me to balance and perfect to meet the demands that I impose on myself or to escape from them. Maybe both at the same time. The perfect escape from reality. In my photos that is reflected in balanced compositions, the pursuit of perfection in technique and a dreamy or threatening atmosphere.

Mozes, long exposure, unique artwork

Over the years my photography has changed. In the beginning I wanted to capture 'what I saw' as beautifully as possible. The impressive mountain landscapes that I traveled through, the beautiful polder landscape in foggy conditions, the cities through which I roamed. I wanted to show beauty. But after a while I wanted to put something in my photos that digs deeper than just the beauty of the subject and tells more about who I am, what drives me or perhaps shackles me. My fine art photography is actually the fundamental wish to communicate, to show my world to others, to contribute something valuable.

Escape from Monotony, minimalism

As I further develop my photography, I increasingly feel the need to reduce my photos to the essence. Avoiding distraction, minimize, abstract. Working with minimalist compositions and long exposures is ideal for this. Rolling waves become satiny spaces, cloudy skies, a polished dream world or a threatening signal, crowds turn into spirits from the afterlife. However, the subject is still the connection with reality, perhaps a remnant of the beauty that I always wanted to capture. Maybe it will disappear too someday, but luckily I don't know yet.

Minimalism, B&W image of a winter landscape

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